Really nice rainbow trout with chironomid fly

Chironomid Flies and Box Sets

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All Chironomids are $2.25 each Tied on a #12 or #14 Hook

All Metal Chironomid Patterns:
Hi everyone, my name is Ryan Ruttan and I tie chironomids with nothing but metal. I really believe that this makes a superior fly as it sinks faster and acts much more realistic in the water. The more weight your chironomid has, the more it will swing from side to side under a strike indicator. Not enough weight and it will simply move straight up and down.



Chironomid Sets:

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How to Fish with Chironomid Flies:

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Videos of Fish Taking Chironomids:

Awesome example of how fish love chironomids

Best chironomid tip I can give you: Catch a fish, keep it, cut open the stomach and check out the colour of chironomids in the stomach. Match the colours even a little and you'll catch more fish the next time you're at the lake.